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Gold Coast Car Hire - A Smart Choice

The above train fare prices are based on one way travel per person. Can you imagine the average family of 2 adults and 3 children in this example ($170.40 AUD) would pay as much for travel to and from the airport alone than it could cost to hire a car for an entire week.

And this is before we calculate bus trips to the theme parks (on average $12 per person) a shopping trip to any of the numerous manufacturer' warehouse and direct factory outlet stores (around $50 taxi fare, EACH WAY!) or simple trips to and from your romantic Broadbeach dinner! (Minimum $10 each depending on your motel location up to $100 each way)

Travel costs can quickly increase if you do not plan before hand! 'Why spend your holiday spending' when you can travel in air conditioned, private comfort for a fraction of the cost of crowded public transport ?

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